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Service Drive Operations

Are you seeking more income from your Service Drive? Our unique process allows us to identify your Service Drive Customers behaviors using our email intervention process. We identify what level of interest your client shows by monitoring their online activity. Our Service Drive Analysis Team identifies client behaviors daily and then notifies your Sales Associates in real time in order for them to contact the client directly. We realize that you most likely have retention tools in place, yet how well is your team monitoring and engaging your clients?

Our Service Drive Intervention package averages an additional 23 units per month in addition to the retention tools that you already have in place
(based on a service drive with an average of 115 RO's per day).

Service Drive Analysis Team and software works with most of the popular CRM Retention products, including:

▶︎ Auto Alert

▶︎ Automotive Mastermind

▶︎ My Dealerlot

▶︎ DealerSocket

▶︎ Elead1One

▶︎ AVV WebControl

▶︎ Contact Manager (Rey/Rey)

▶︎ VIN Solution

▶︎ CDK

▶︎ Revenue Radar

▶︎ Perfect Prospect

▶︎ And Others……

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